Town Dyer

Adventures in Natural dyeing

I am a natural dyer living in London. I dye mainly woollen fibres with plants I forage and grow in my garden, as well as carefully sourced dried dye stuff. I am originally from Finland and foraging is deeply rooted in my blood, where I spent summers collecting berries and mushrooms with my grandparents. . The main love I have for natural dyeing is the contact with plants and nature. I love to see the seasonal colours leaving their stamp on fibres. Living in London has given me a long season for dyeing and I am never out and about without a pair of secateurs and a foraging bag.

I decided to share my experiments and knowledge online after encouragement from woolly friends.  I read a lot myself about plants I dye with and want to have a good knowledge of their colour and lightfastness as well as why they produce certain colours. I have found amazing resources for knowledge online as well as in books and I've found sometimes the dye recipes of individuals are the best way to learn. Hopefully this will inspire you to get out your pots and pans and rummage around car parks and bus stops for plants to colour your life and wardrobe with. 

As an avid knitter dyeing yarn has become a job and a way to fund my enthusiasm for plants and their potential. 

You can find me on instagram as @emmaknitsthings for woolly adventures as well as dyeing

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